Ballads, Mindful

Mrs. Blythe’s Tale

An orphan from age 6,

Living in the cruelties,

Of mistresses or owners,

Til one day being age 12,

She was fortunately taken,

By two old kinfolk of P.E.I,

The lady despised at first,

But innerly loved her,

The man liked her already,

And dealed to be the guardian,

She then started her life anew,

As a girl of high spirits,

Days and years til the man’s daeth,

As well as the lady’s eyesight,

Also taken as parents of twins,

From the orphan home of course,

Until she was a mother of six,

Then became the twins,

Boy and girl,

Uncles of the six little ones,

Including twin girls,

And here she became a respected lady,

Rich, decent, and mannered woman,

As well as nurse and healer,

No telling that she was from,

A poor asylum or bullied target,

So ends Mrs. Blythe’s tale!

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