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Modern Vs. Criminal Relations

A guy with a family dispersed,

Is confused between gestures averse,

For one is very modern and advanced,

Whilst the other are cunning chaps,

One’s family was united,

Until after marriage cited,

The others were miserable from the start,

And became the more after fault,

For in one situation were parents loving,

While in the other very uncaring,

Dispersed was the family of lot,

That soon became known as criminalot,

The other was very loving indeed,

But the spouses usually bar indeed,

However in either way ‘tis the point,

That the guy is different from joint,

He has religiosity in his home,

Whilst the others have less or don’t,

Both relations are distant,

But in the women instant (in one),

Whilst the others are only often,

And only to solve problems,

Or start debates,

So what then is the motive,

For the second to be devotive,

When all things lead to secrecy,

And the other family to deceitful!




I am writer and poet who has written many works and still writing. Mission: To spread what I know!

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