Kira The Talented

Born with a dead leg,

And natural weaving ability,

From the age of 5,

As an expertise,

Father was slain,

And mother slow poisoned,

Leaving poor Kira in a tension,

On mother’s last breath,

She was thrown with her,

Into a cemetery to suffer,

Her house was burned,

With nowhere to go,

A little boy is all,

That helped her,

Then she was taken,

By a so called guardian,

Who took care of orphans,

Along with others,

However one day,

The cries of a little girl awakened,

A question in her mind,

Is the guardian really true or not,

Then an old lady told about a fake legend,

That the guardian had said true,

Then she was slain the very next day,

Kira grew tense,

With each passing day,

Finally her father appeared one day,

With the help of the little boy,

Who had helped her always,

And father told daughter about the guardian even more,

That he was the one who attempted to murder,

Kira then had proof that she was right,

In suspecting weird kindness,

Also the acts which were weird,

And so she decided upon taking revenge,

Or actually getting back her rights,

So concludes the story of the talented weaver!


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