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So Called Noble Uncle

Once there was a girl of young,

Who had 3 uncles of a fortune,

One was rather very unliked,

The other was avoided through some instinct,

The third was thought to be jolly,

Yet turned out to be a folly,

The tale that is amazing to the eye,

Is actually concerning number 2,

Of the listing line,

Support was granted from him,

To be true,

But some unknown sorrow or rather,

Fear was also known,

He helped yes in many things today,

But always had a cunning style anew,

Then there was a dream,

Of which significance shocked,

The girl whose uncle 2 was fore taught,

The thoughts of diplomacy went through,

And she shivered to know what to do for,

The only thing that she concluded thus,

Was to stay away from him so far,

Though all are considered dangerous,

His particular one gets too high,

For he hides his true image inside,

And plays diplomacy on all,

Who then can stand such a stall,

For ye will parish at one small!




I am writer and poet who has written many works and still writing. Mission: To spread what I know!

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