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Coming To Practicality

Imagination is not handy,

If it is not put into action,

The things you view should be,

Done in reality so that you can succeed,

Of course everyone dreams of peaceful,

Times yet that’s not possible because,

Of the lack of truth and sincerity,

Of the people that went astray,

However in these times too,

There are those who work to have,

Within their environment a noise-free,

Lifestyle but of course there are,

Challenges even then because it’s a,

Natural  thing that happens once or more,

But the works of self control & patience,

Is the key that helps in these challenging,

Times and also at the beginning of,

The life of them all,

Whatsoever the required element is,

The self sacrifice of the housekeeper,

To bloom the seeds which are yet to be shown,

But if the seeds do not bloom,

Then there are other conditions,

But number one is the sincerity & hard work,

Of the housekeeper to shine forth the lifestyle of the years,

 More to come!



I am writer and poet who has written many works and still writing. Mission: To spread what I know!

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