Ballads, Mindful

Lily Harper

A girl lived in the Texan woods,

With her family of six folks,

She was grown as a tomboy,

And taught not much discipline,

3 sisters of hers were girly,

Leaving her to play boy,

Their father was a bet-ter,

And lost all his money,

Fines started arising,

To threaten his property,

So he suggested to Lily,

Along with her sisters,

To rob people in the valleys,

Nearby his home,

So away went Lily & gang,

To do her bid,

And caught only one,

Later discovered a sheriff,

That this family robbed,

And to jail they were taken,

The girls that were four,

Leaving the mother aghast,

But father abashed,

Released they were on pleading,

Guilty of being so young,

That judge bid them pardon,

And home to reform,

Then Lily worked on,

Dramas to earn for her dorm,

And during such travels,

Got hit torn,

Toughness got her the better,

For her score,

So ended the tale,

Of Lily Harper’s affair!


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