Advice For Humans

Maintain calmness,

When one is angry,

Or humiliating you in public,

And talk as pleasantly,

As if nothing happened,

Unusually devastating,

Remain honest,

No matter what others do,

Keeping your own respect,

Is more important than,

Joining in their acts of wrongdoing,

Donate to those in real need,

But directly with the need,

Not money or organizations,

Choose your group of friends,

Carefully according to taste,

Or else watch out for dangerous,

Behavior of different kinds,

Learn to say “no” to all,

Temptations no matter how,

Strong they may be,

Avoid backbiting and think,

Positively of every negative,

Devote time to gain knowledge,

Or do good deeds such as,

Helping siblings, parents, relatives, etc.

Don’t share personal info.

With anyone who is a stranger,

Or even your own relation,

No care how good,

They are,

 Stay alert,

Yet polite to everyone,

Whether they are mad or bad,

Read supplications to prevent,

The Devil or his accomplices,

From entering you or your home,

Supplications from the Quran,

And sunnah,

Say Bismillah,

With every task,

Opening or closing,

All these will help you excel,

In Allah’s eyes,

And support for the Day of Qiyamat!

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