Posted in English poetry, Mindful


Mobsters raiding people,

Gangsters bullying students,

Thieves raging into tempers,

Stolen items from innocents,

A friend killing friend,

Domestic affairs abloom,

Teachers are belittled,

And unreliable,

Families have no value,

Torn relations,

Dishonest dealings,

Broken feelings,

Horror happenings,

Children abandoning,

Leaders diminishing,

Public arising,

Martial takeovers,

Chaotic gamerollers,

Exploded countries,

Flamed cities,

War attacks,

Hatred sacks,

Judgement day is near,

When all violences,

Are here,

So beware thy actions,

For God hates distractions!



I am writer and poet who has written many works and still writing. Mission: To spread what I know!

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