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Topsy Turvy

Days pass,

Dramas pass,

Winds raid,

On a staid,

Tears drop,

To a top,

Chaos strikes,

On a scary night,

Nightmares come true,

On a very sudden due,

Luck of bad will,

Is there to thrill,

Hatred has been done,

To an honest one,

Things have changed,

In a way estranged,

Fear of thoughts alight,

Ina miserable fright,

That a person does fight,

To stay always at height,

With her heart broken,

And steeds stroken,

Mannerly ways will sweet,

The meanest hearts that weed,

If your doing is good,

The others may not harm,

Any tweeting stood!



I am writer and poet who has written many works and still writing. Mission: To spread what I know!

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