Ballads, Mindful

The Witch Who Belittled Her Son

Once a lady,

Known as a witch,

Had 4 sons,

And belittled which?

The second youngest one,

And the reason being,

That he adopted truth,

While she adopted greed,

Her sons remaining,

Did her bidding,

Whilst this son,

Who was guided truly,

Did not so,

She discouraged him such,

But to no avail,

Yet continued her plot,

To destroy this son,

Including the events,

Rejection to plea for help,

Denying loan for help,

Lying about his family,

Spreading falsehoods for enmity,

Putting false blames for fame,

Avoiding talking,

When he’s calling,

Do you so see,

The blight of she,

Whose own blood she rejected,

For honesty,

Saying no to all such titles,

Which should be,

So may be cursed,

She who does these,

Heartbreaking deeds!

The Witch of Selfishdee!

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