The Evil Mother

There is a lady,

Dreaded by all,

She breaks families up,

And loves it when someone cries,

She hurts people’s feelings,

And rejoices happily,

She tells lies,

That no one dares correct,

She possibly even changes history,

Because not everyone knows,

She does as she wishes,

And no one stops her,

She keeps her husband as a slave,

Who does her bidding,

But in comparison,

 Is better known,

She ruined the lives of her children,

Who all crossed her path,

She brings hatred,

Where there was once love,

She brings jealousy,

Where there was once happiness,

She tears apart,

What was once united,

She brings conflict,

Where there was once peace,

And her only weakness is,

Being alone,

Because if her slave leaves her,

She will be lonely,

And no one will ask about her,

But abandon her,

Her only purpose for going everywhere,

Is because of her slave,

So beware of these personalities,

And stay away,

I warn you,

If however she’s your relation,

Such as mother, sister, etc.

Then keep a distant contact with them,

Only for the sake of family law,

But don’t come into her power!


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