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Back to Deen

In the city of Sandusky, there lived a lad of young age named Akhtar.  Raised in the U.S. and brought up in a strictly religious family, Akhtar was a very good boy.  In the beginning years of education, he was put in public schools, but from grade 3, he was in Islamic school.  Though the environment there was not very different from public schools, it was still better in restricting a lot of the things not forbidden in regular school.

For the high school years, he was in virtual and private schools because of bad groups in the Islamic schools.  Aside from the bad groups, there was the mixing problem too otherwise.  And Akhtar grew into a young youth with good manners, but then everything changed when he met a friend named Hassan, who was the spoiled kid of an Arab family.  This was during Akhtar’s college years because college was hands on, he couldn’t do it virtually.

Hassan was a lousy and careless wretched boy who was totally unserious in life and wanted to enjoy the fitnas of this world.  Like most unknowledgeable kids, he was also of the concept that “Life is here, not elsewhere!”  Akhtar, although raised with the truth from childhood, was in the transition mode of full maturity from juvenile, so he came into this boy’s talks.

Now, the thing is that when someone sees a Muslim, he automatically thinks that he is a good fellow, but that is not always the case, as in this situation.  Hassan’s best thing was to listen to rubbish music and get influenced by the artists!  Although Akhtar felt an inner guilt doing all these things too, he was in a way trapped!

Akhtar’s household was really shocked in his sudden changing behavior and tried to stop him in the beginning phases, but he wouldn’t listen!  Well known scholars and experienced people were called in to help him, but he rejected them all!  The only thing he’d say is, “I wanna be rich and become a musician to be one…because they always succeed!”  This was really a stunning phrase for his parents.  He was too much under Hassan’s influence.

Here, it was obvious that he too, like Hassan, had flown into the dunya for the pleasures here, forgetting all his parents’ efforts of tarbiyat.  His parents could only pray and ask forgiveness for any wrongs they had done and then a day came for them of joy!

Hassan had gone to do one of the concerts from school and there it was that he was shot down and finished!  Akhtar was in sudden shock!  He hadn’t thought anything of this sort would happen, since Hassan hadn’t started professionally yet, but this was the turning point! Thanks to his parents’ supplications, Akhtar was brought back to the right path!  Akhtar repented for his sins and sought forgiveness of his parents.  They, of course, forgave him because whatever he had done….he was still their son and beloved! 

Afterwards, he finished college and became an IT professional.  Almost immediately, he was hired in a big and known company in Madina.  He and his parents moved there for good and after sometime, Akhtar took them all for Hajj!



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