Ballads, Mindful

A Sad Tale

Once there was a lad,

Born in lands afar,

Who grew up in Canadian territory,

Was brought around the U.S.,

Visits he made to his kin in Tucson,

But never stayed long,

Then taken back to North lands,

One day he came through,

For work & all,

Also for surprises as well,

Arranged for him was a celebration,

Only for us to in exclamation,

Joy and harmony were ours to hold,

Trembling with excitement behold,


But not 7 days had passed,

That the death of this lad,

Did clash,

Sorrow and grief,

Replaced happiness,

With all in showers of tears,

Over the lost youth,

Not a day passed,

With kin crying out,

Where hath gone,

My precious bun,

And so ends,

The sad tale of Willow Bend!


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