Violet’s Hope

Once there was a girl whose name was Violet, she was known to be the politest, neatest, and most respectable girl in the entire county.  She lived in Collin County, Texas and had a big, brand new house.  She was the eldest of two brothers and one sister.  She went to one of the best schools in Texas.  Every person she met or visited liked her personality.  So, everything was good and happy in those days that she lived in peace.  But the event that followed was very bad indeed that she was shocked that it happened for real.

It occurred in August, right after she finished her last middle school year, she was coming home from her friend, Alice’s house when suddenly she heard rumbling sounds from a far distance, so she started running home at a faster pace and got home safe.  A couple of hours later a terrible tornado was destroying the town and quickly heading towards the area she lived in. Luckily, her whole family was at home that day and planning to go on a trip to Illinois, but this tornado ruined their plan. Everyone was panicking and had no idea what to do!

Well, there wasn’t much they could do about it and so the tornado arrived at their house and blew them up. The whole house was in fourths and the family lay wounded on top of it. As soon as they regained consciousness, a terrible earthquake threw them into the earth, as big boulders started rolling onto them.  They were in such a state that anyone who saw them in this condition would surely start crying.

I’m sorry to say that after this event, Violet became disabled, her sister bruised, her parents also disabled, and her brothers only luckily healed their injuries.  Alice was alright but she had a big scar on her hand.  Poor Violet could not walk and her parents could not either. But she kept up her hope and kept telling herself that she will walk again soon.  The bullies in her school discouraged her, but she fought her way out. Oh, and I forgot, the tornado and earthquake hit only the northern part of Collin County, not all of it.  But her school wasn’t badly damaged so within two months she was going back to school.

Certainly in the beginning of her accident, Violet did grieve her disability, but later with the encouragement of her friend and family, Violet kept up her hope and do you know the result?  She started walking again within five months!  Everyone was so rejoiced and her parents, too, were healed and there was so much excitement that there was a party held for Violet!  Everything was back to normal and the lesson learned in this story is those who never lose hope and keep trying will succeed!

So after that, Violet and her family lived happily ever after!


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