The Whispering Trees of Boerne

One day, Sarah was walking through a clear and beautiful clearing which went into the mountainous trails beyond.  The flowers were abloom, the air was fresh, the wind was calm & cool, and animals were slowly waking.  For Sarah, a natural peace loving and kind natured girl, these places were very attractive.  So she set out, when the others weren’t there, to relax in peace.  On this certain day, she was roaming around, humming to herself and thinking what Rosa was going to come up with this time.  She loved spooky and suspenseful stuff.  Sarah didn’t like that much, but she didn’t want to be left out from the team.  Shawna and Ronda were twin sisters, so they usually stuck together and on group missions of adventure, for sure.

Now, as Sarah was going round the open grounds, she felt chills going down her spine.  It was as if there was an eerie presence around her.  Then suddenly, she felt as if the trees surrounding her were whispering.  Immediately, she ran out from that area all the way home.  When the day got brighter, she waited for Rosa’s arrival.

Around noon, Rosa arrived with the rest of the team.  “Hey Rosa, a really weird thing happened to me today!” she poured out in one breath.  “On one of your long peace walks I believe,” said Rosa.  “Yeah it was so scary!” shivered Sarah. “I was walking and singing, like usual, but then I felt all tingly!” continued Sarah, “Then I saw the trees whispering….or at least I think they were….” said Sarah.  “Whoa girls!” exclaimed Rosa, “Looks like we’re goin’ tree hunting today!” laughed Rosa.  “Are you sure about this?” asked Sarah rather alarmed, “What if…” she started, but Rosa cut in, “No what ifs, we’re going and that’s final!” she declared.  “Oh boy,” said Sarah, “Here we go again.” 

The girls got to the place in less than 10 min. since it was near Sarah’s house.  They entered the clearing with Rosa in the lead. “Wow! This place is awesome!” exclaimed Shawna.  “Yeah, good for picking flowers and chasing animals!” laughed Ronda, her twin. “Yeah, but just wait…you’ll feel different when you see these trees move or look like they do!” said Sarah under her breath.  “So far, nothing out of the ordinary Sarah,” said Rosa.  Right then, they all felt the trees were looking at them and whispering something.  “Oooook, now this is spooky,” said Rosa in a whisper, “You were right Sarah.” “They really are real!” said Ronda shaking.  “Yyyyeah, sooo…..let’s get a move on and go north shall we?” said Shawna trying to be calm.  “Aw, come on,” said Rosa, “We came here for fun right?”  “But these creepy trees are not fun, Rosa!” whined Sarah.  Before the girls could even move, the tree’s roots came up and tangled the girls up.  “Oh noooo!” they shrieked.  All of them tried to get free, but to no avail.  “Nice one Rosa!” the three of them grumbled.  “Hey, how did I know this was gonna happen?!” snapped Rosa.  “You had to listen to us,” said Sarah.  “Ok, ok, so I was wrong, but let’s focus on getting out now ok?” said Rosa meekly.  “How exactly, your leaderness?” squeaked Ronda squished.  “Gimme some time ok?” fumed Rosa, “And instead of complaining, help by thinking of a way out!”

Then, unexpectedly, one of the trees came forward and started speaking, “You all are in the Valley of Boerne!” boomed the tree, “You have trespassed on our grounds!” “Therefore, you will remain here as an example to others to not enter these premises.”  “Uhhh, mister see we didn’t know of you policy,” started Rosa, “So…can we go?”  “We promise not to return ever!” declared Rosa.  “No, for the council doesn’t give chances!” boomed the tree.  “What kind of rule is that?” frowned Rosa, “it’s hardly fair!”  “Our council doesn’t put rules, it just does what it wants!” replied the tree.  “So like, who’re you then?” blurted Rosa.  “I am one of the elderly members!” responded the tree, “I guard the young trees and dictate them.”  Meanwhile, Rosa had motioned the others to start struggling free, while she kept the tree talking.  “So, you told them to tie us up, huh?” frowned Rosa.  “No, the council did as I have mentioned.” said the tree.  “Ok, so we’ll keep in mind not to come again and warn others too, mister!” exclaimed Rosa, as she broke free of the roots.  “But tallyho!” “Woohoo!” she shouted as she and the others ran away from them.  Rustling cries followed, but no one came beyond the exit point!

After returning home, the girls pondered and discussed the day’s adventure.  “Say gals, why don’t we take a break for some time, eh?” squeaked Rosa.  “Yup!” “Uh huh!” “You said it!”  were the cries that followed.  “So let’s chill at the cream shop with some sundaes, huh?” said Rosa.  “And afterwards?” exclaimed the others staring.  “Ummm…the park??”  said Rosa.  “NO WAY!!” shouted the others.  “LOLZ…I was just kiddin’ ya’ll!” replied Rosa as she tried dodging their fists!



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