Islamic short stories, Mindful

The Unfair Ustada

Once there was a girl named Rimsha.  She was a bright student who always got straight “As”.  All her classmates were awed with her studying ability.  She was also a very strict religious girl.  Her day would pass with prayers and islamic studies.  Her dad would have a session of tafseer and fiqh everyday.  Plus, she used to make dua before every assignment, exam, or quiz.  And each assignment would begin with Bismillah!

But one day, she noticed her grades weren’t satisfactory!  It was true she got 90s and 95s, but now her grades were dangling at 75s, even though her lowest grades would be 85s!  She was confused and told her parents, who were also concerned because they knew her ability.  Still they gave normal suggestions, “Maybe it happened from overpressure.” “Or you were tired out.”  Rimsha agreed, but on the inside, something was telling her that it’s not true.  She was feeling a little down, but she prayed deep and sincere, even in tahajjud!

As a result, a teacher of another class saw her grading Rimsha’s paper, and she saw that the grade she gave Rimsha was incorrect!  What was more shocking was that the answer sheet had a correct answer and she was marking that as incorrect!  So, this teacher went and told the principal about Rimsha’s teacher’s behavior.  She was called in and demanded to give the paper that she was recently grading, “Let me see the paper you were just grading.” said the principal very seriously.  “I don’t see why you want this particular paper, why not the others?” said Rimsha’s teacher.  “You shouldn’t have a problem with that if you’re not hiding anything, Miss!” said the principal, eyeing her suspiciously.

Now she knew she would be caught.  So she sat there nervously.  After sometime, the principal questioned her, “Why were you giving some student wrong scores and others right ones?”  “I—-I—–….” she fumbled for words, but none came.  “I can’t believe you were being bias!”  “I didn’t expect this distance to come and it says it in the school policy too.” ‘Despite this fact, you were doing this!” the principal continued, “As of today, I am suspending you.” “Until further notice, you may not enter school premises.”  Rimsha’s teacher had turned pale because this would mean bad for her future career.

Rimsha, for her yaqeen on Allah and no bad attitude towards anyone, was told of the happenings and the principal apologized to her and the other students, who had gotten wrong grades.  Rimsha continued her hard work and studies with the same devotion and concentration, knowing Allah was with her!


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