Nancy and the Thief

Once there was a cat named Nancy, who lived near a house upon Windy Willows.  She was a nice pretty cat and quite a sight to see.  She wasn’t too thin or fat, but just right.  Her owner was Mrs. Nora, a nice lady, who lived in Windy Willows with her family.

For many years, Nancy had been going from town to town and country to country, always thinking that she would rather be dead then live in the streets and meadows.  Luckily for her, she arrived at Windy Willows where Mrs. Nora took her in and later made a little home for her near her house.  So, Nancy lives happily with her new and kind mistress and forever makes up her mind about protecting her.

Nancy had been living with the newly acquaintance for four years now, and she had also made friends with some other cats. One cat, who was her best friend, was named Rusty by his master. They used to play and work all day. One day, however, a strange thing happened!

Nancy and Rusty were as usual about their work when Nancy spotted a figure get into her mistress’s home with a weapon.  She told Rusty about it and ran towards the house with him.  When she got in, a huge man was in her mistress’s room stealing jewelry.  Nancy and Rusty both got scared at the sight of him, but then both of them thought that who cares if they’re little! Let’s risk a chance!  So, they dashed in and sunk their teeth into the man’s leg!  The man started beating both of them, but seeing as they wouldn’t listen, started shrieking!  As soon as Mr. Nora heard the shriek he ran towards his house and found the robber unconscious, along with Rusty and Nancy, injured badly, lying flat, moaning.

Mr. Nora called a few neighbors to help him take the wounded robber to the town doctor and get the guards to take him to jail.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Nora, who was good at naturopathy, was tending to Rusty and Nancy.  When Mr. Nora returned, he thanked them and rewarded them with their favorite snack, “Whistle-Pops!”

MORAL: You must have will power!

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