Murder at Niagara Falls

Once there was a family, who went to Niagara Falls on vacation for their children, Matt, Steve, and Teresa.  They were a lovely family who, for the first time were going to the world’s famous waterfall.  The family had planned to stay for 2 weeks in Niagara Falls to camp and have fun.

On the first day of their arrival, the children, of course, ran through to the edge to see the falls they had been waiting to see!  Teresa was the oldest by 14 yrs. old so she went at a steady pace.  They enjoyed the day by eating lunch and dinner on a camp fire and setting up camp!

Now, they were enjoying this joy of theirs whilst an evil eye was watching them from the woods and was smiling evilly at the number of victims.  Who was this goose bump giving phenomenon? Nala, the vicious human sucking being, who was known as a legend, but never known to exist!  Now, she was looking at her first victim and waiting for a bloodcurdling attack!

Teresa and her family were of course unaware that some legendary thing was watching them and so they toasted and then headed off to different directions, planning to meet by 11 p.m.  Teresa, unfortunately, wandered into the woods!

As soon as Nala saw her approaching, she smiled with saliva out of her mouth, but just then she saw another girl coming from another part of the woods.  Teresa, completely unaware of this, was going in bravely when the creature pounced in front of her and also the other girl!  They both yelled in horror and Teresa started running!

Now, the reader may think that Teresa was easily grabbed by the violent creature, but instead the creature barely scratched Teresa and grabbed the other girl.  And to Teresa’s horror the heart-breaking screams of the girl echoed through her ears and out of the woods to the extent that her parents came running, but seeing Teresa yell ”Run!” they turned around and followed her lead.

The next day they saw the body of the girl, Teresa and her parents, one by one and stared in sadness!  Right afterwards, they packed up and left never to return and warn others of that creature and also the government!  This event was never forgotten by Teresa forever in her whole life!

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