Horrible Hunts Amusement Parks

    One day, Rosa got 4 tickets to go to the most famous and loved amusement park, Horrible Hunts!  She was so excited and so were Sarah, Rosa & Shawna.  They all had heard of the spooky rides and hideous screams of that haunted house, which was the main attraction of all!  There were tales of real people vanishing and a huge creature that looms out of the deep woods and grabs a hugful of kids and families, elders, etc.  But, as you know, these girls were made of hard coconut shells that don’t break even after the worst case scenario has passed.  Even now, they only half believed what they heard, the other half stamped it a robotic device that was out there for part if the fun.


    So, the girls, family and all, went to Horrible Hunts!  They arrived much excited and with permission of their parents, went off in a group towards the scariest rides.  Their first target was THE WHIZZING FIRE ride!  Sarah screamed till the end!  Then, the TWIRLING CREAKY BRIDGE, where Shawna nearly fell into the endless pit!  The MAZE TO MADNESS was a confusing path that took you to illusionary place, such as Dracula’s Tomb or Vampira’s Dungeon!  Here, Ronda freaked out, thinking the illusions were real!  After visiting more rides of the type, they went to the HAUNTED HORROR CASTLE near the so called WOODS OF DOOM! 


    To the girls, the house was more scary than the woods.  Upon entry, the girls found themselves in a dark room with ghostly pictures and dangling flesh!  Sarah was bumping in to each of them constantly and shivering. “Watch it!” shouted Rosa, “You’re grabbing my hair!” “And my head!” muttered Shawna. “And stepping on my toes! Uh!” said Ronda rubbing her foot. Next, they were in a dungeon area, where rotting and headless spirits were wandering, in cages, calling for help to the passers by.  Hideous scream followed their departure. Here, they found skeletons and webs all around, as well as mice running through their feet! “Eeeeeek!” shouted Shawna. “Come on,” said Rosa, “They’re just fakes.” “Ewww! I still hate that feeling!” muttered Shawna.  After going through a couple more rooms, they were exiting when a booming voice had them frozen deadstill!

    “Uhhh…did someone’s stomach grumble or…was that a monstrous roar?!” asked Ronda.  “I think we gotta…RUN!” shouted Sarah as they tore across to the woods, with the huge creature behind them. The monster chased them, but they took dodging paths to confuse him and get out!  “ROAAAAAR!” blared the beast as it hurled logs and branches at them!  “Look out!” shouted the others to Sarah, but Sarah had fallen, dazed!  So Rosa went and pulled her along until they were out of the woods and in the middle square!  “Let’s go and get Mom & Dad!” “We’re outta here!” said Rosa.  “But what about the rides we missed?” whined Shawna.  “So what?!” said Rosa in a rage, “We gotta get outta here and tell authorities!” “Until then, even this location is unsafe!” “That mondo thingy will tear it apart anytime!”


    So the girls collected their folks and told them the emergency. then after reporting to authorities, they led them to the spot of encounter and waited home, anxiously!  Horrible Hunts was closed down temporarily.  A couple days later, the authorities called them up and took them into the woods.  There on the floor was the huge body of Big Foot, the legendary man eater! “Whoa, whoa!” exclaimed Rosa, “I’m kinda dizzy!” “What’s this legend doing here?!” “And is it real?” asked Ronda. “Nope!” said the officer, “Bring her out!”  A lady in red walked out with two female officers.  “Whoa, Wilma Wahoo, former worker at Horrible Hunts!” said Sarah confused  “But why?”  “Well she loved this place as a worker, but she had some real heart bursting ideas!” explained the officer, “So, as a result, she got fired!”  “As revenge, she thought she could scare away folks and takeover!” “But she got caught before it was too late!” said the officer, looking at Wilma, who now was hanging her head, “I didn’t want to hurt nobody, just wanted my job back!”  “Well, you sure picked the wrong way to get what you want, Ms. Wahoo!”  “And what of the captured people?” asked Rosa. “Ah, I released them from a different path…with threats for not telling my identity!” replied Wilma.  “Which is why she’s being arrested!” said the officer.  “Too bad!” said Ronda as the officers took her away.

    After things settled down, the girls returned for the rides that were unvisited and enjoyed the remaining stay!  Upon returning home, they were anxious to tell their other friends about their amazing adventure at Horrible Hunts!


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