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Bullyism is Not Winning

A lad named Ikram used to think bullying kids was the only way to be counted as a winner.  The base of this behavior was built upon himself being treated wrongly when he was a starter at Deen ul Islam school.  Despite its name being based on Islam, sad to say its management was very bad.  This is not to say that all Islamic schools are bad, but that a lot of institutions are not very different from regular schools, with just religion included.  That’s why it’s very important to have every school checked, but Ikram’s parents had never known, as not everyone does.  So Ikram was so called being trained a lot in Deen too, but the behavioral field was not paid attention to much.  If complaints came to the principal, he wouldn’t take it seriously.  That ended up in Ikram becoming a bully, since there was a big bully group in school.

Ikram used to bully kids underage, of course, and some of age too, who were weak.  Most of his age type were more alert and handled bully tricks smoothly, but for the unfortunate ones, it was a disaster.  When Ikram’s parents tried to switch schools, he threatened to hang out with the bad group, even out of school and join the bad one in the next school!  This was a problem of Ikram himself, and until he wouldn’t change his mind set, no one could.

His parents didn’t give up though.  They let him have his way, but secretly they kept supplicating to Allah for his guidance.  Because they were honest people, Allah answered their prayers!

One day, Ikram fell ill with high fever and respiratory infection.  The sickness lasted for 2 weeks.  His parents took him to the doctor and blew supplications on him, but he still didn’t heal completely.  It was during this painful time that Ikram had the realization of his wrongs.  He remembered the lessons his parents had taught him when he was small and started repenting for his sins.  He whined on the prayer rug to Allah saying, “Ya Allah! Cure me from this sickness….””I will stop my evil ways and submit only to good and you…Ya Allah…I promise to you…”  After this, he recovered fully!

When he returned to school, the bullies were shocked at his change of behavior.  They tried to bring him back, but now, he helped the innocent kids.  Since Ikram was a strong and sturdy boy, he was feared by the bullies now.  They wouldn’t dare come near any kid who was with him.  On the other hand, the kids who were innocent, were still afraid of him because he was acting strange so suddenly, but after some time passed, they got to know him better.  Ikram’s reputation increased and grades as well.  He was known as a role model for younger kids.

His parents were so happy and they also realized, because they were close to Allah, that the ailment Ikram had gotten, was actually a punishment from Allah so that he could change his ways.  That is why it is said, “Allah uses problems to change our lives!”


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