Astray but Found

Ruqsana was a typical teenage girl who was good at everything, save religion.  Her parents were partially to blame because they never really implemented Islam in their home.  So, Ruqsana had strayed far from the true path of Deen.  Her parents realized very late that she had gone to extremes and then it was that they told her that she is a Muslim and Muslims don’t go out in this kind of dress or that kind of hairstyle, and etc.  But she wouldn’t listen since she had been given full freedom to do what she wants, so now she wasn’t really paying attention to her parent’s cultural talk.  To her, it was like, “I have a Muslim name so that’s it and my parents taught me the shahada that’s all!”, and it was then that her parents realized their mistake!

They repented for their wrongs and tried coming onto the straight path of Islam, but for Ruqsana it was harder than them because she didn’t even do the basics such as, praying and fasting.  She just did it when she liked! The only thing left for her parents to do was pray and repent for their weaknesses and wrongdoings. But, Ruqsana was just living on in her liberal style that she had seen since she was a kid.  Still, her parents didn’t lose hope!

So, one day she met a girl who was very decent, disciplined, mannered, religious, and dressed in a humblistic fashion.  Ruqsana liked the girl a lot and because of her personal etiquettes, she didn’t mind the religious cladding.  But the effect on Ruqsana was shocking! Because from the day that she met this girl, whose name was Momina, she was unknowingly dragged to her and in a way she was forcingly following the way of her life style.  On the other hand, she was striving with the battle of evil and good going on inside her because most of her friends were liberal minded.

Ruqsana had the battle raving on inside her, but Momina’s personality finally won her.  She used to see Momina always with her brother or father and her cladding was always a long abaya and shawl with the veil.  The other thing she noticed was that Momina’s siblings respected her a lot. Ruqsana would take a glance at her siblings and see that out of three, only one respected her.  Respect was far from her because she was always rude and rough with her siblings, but now she started realizing and started changing.  She started wearing an abaya and long shawl.  She started doing her ibadat strictly.  She attended Islamic lectures with Momina. She became much better in manners and etiquettes.

For her parents, this was a day of joy and they cried and thanked Allah with joy and sincerity.  Her siblings were impressed with their sister’s sudden change and they were culturally taught to respect their elders and follow their good examples, so they were also put in religious activities. Ruqsana learned a lot about Fiqh, Seerah, and Aqeedah from Momina. Whatever she learned, she brought home and shared.  Soon, she became passionate for Islamic things and every Islamic activity that happened she tried to join in and participate. She wrote to Momina on email, “Momina I am thankful to you and Allah for bringing about this change in me. You played an ultimate role for me because you were the cause I came to this path! Allah guided me more because he had taken my heart in his grasp…but I am loving this life and now that I think of it, I feel bad to have lived my life in error….May Allah forgive me Aameen! Momina responded, “Inshallah Ruqsana you have done well and wise to have chosen this path and Allah will not let your effort go to waste Inshallah. Keep it up!”

On other occasions, Ruqsana and Momina would discuss Islamic historic novels that they read and implement the things mentioned in there.  As their friendship deepened, so did others in the community as well as Ruqsana’s family.  They had gatherings at each other’s houses and learned a lot from them too.  This crucial and miraculous change had an impact on the Muslim community and they all started coming and questioning more about Islam in detail.  Momina was the center of attention along with Ruqsana and it all ended on the family being bombarded with so much questions, that they ended up to be the Islamic Council members of their community Masjid!  There they had a lot of people, Mashallah, come in and ask them for advice, about darses, and etc.  Ruqsana was filled with joy and with every passing day, she felt herself pulled even closer to Allah!  She had gotten honor from everyone without being liberal and this was a lesson to them all, Ruqsana and family, that dunya isn’t everything! Islam is the number one thing! This belief brought them closer to Allah and soon, they got plans of moving to an Islamic country to settle down and practice Islam more thoroughly. Momina’s folks also had plans about that and both families got their wishes and left to Qatar for good!  They lived happy lives for their remaining time and excelled here and earned deeds of good for their akhira!


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