A Tale of Two That Ended in Two

        Once there were two friends who loved each other dearly.  Their names were Sophia & Rubella.  They were such a pair that everyone thought they were sisters.  Since Pre-K, they had been thrown together constantly and this grew into a deep relationship.  As they advanced, their times spent together was short, but they managed even then to meet.  If that didn’t work, they called or texted.  If that couldn’t succeed, they chatted or emailed.  They had a very awing type of personality that isn’t seen nowadays.  If one despaired, the other was there to support  and share sorrows.  How wonderful it would’ve  been had it lasted till parting times, but alas their destiny.

        When they finished college, they as usual got together and had a party.  At this gathering, Sophia got more attention than Rubella.  Although it wasn’t anything big, the remarks passed to Sophia were really awing, thus heating Rubella for the first time in years.  However, Sophia supported Rubella and said very intriguing comments about her that gave her praise double from Sophia.  But Rubella had caught fire inside her that wasn’t extinguishing.

        All these long years of friendship zeroed out in just 3 seconds!  From that day, Rubella started dodging invitations and get togethers with Sophia!  Sophia felt weird and awkward from this sudden change of behavior, but still kept trying to get her back.  After all, they had always been close friends and helped each other in bad times, hadn’t they?  But Rubella remained unresponsive and blank. 

        At school, she again tried to get a chance and talk to her, but when she got a moment of alone time, Rubella harshly started hitting her, scratching her & saying bad things as well!  Sophia defended herself as much as she could.  This sudden rashness of Rubella’s was so shocking for her!  At long last, she managed to throw Rubella off of her, but at some serious injuries!  While Rubella stood in raging anger, Sophia walked into school and into the nurse’s office.  The nurse, too, was shocked to hear of Rubella’s behavior!  She too had known of their long friendship and was indeed worried from the looks of her wounds, they were as if a beast had attacked it’s prey. 

        Rubella was called in and put in detention while her parents were informed of her violent behavior.  They, too, were alarmed with the sudden change of events.  Sophia’s folks were informed too and an exchange of apology took place from Rubella’s family.  However, Rubella still refused to apologize and kept shouting bad words and hurtful comments about her.

        So, Sophia, unwillingly, broke up ties with her in front of both parties because of Rubella’s rash and rude behavior.  All, except Rubella, were upset and hurt, but were helpless to change anything.  Sophia was the most in pain for losing a long term friend.  Her Mom encouraged  her and said, “ Don’t worry dear”, “You’re a very good girl and you’ll find someone even better!”  Then she gave her a hug and they all went to eat out.  Sophia, however, was still deeply sad  with no appetite.

        Months passed and Sophia switched schools to avoid Rubella.  Her wounds had healed & vanished.  Then one day, because she was innocent and patient, a new girl named Rosy, met her and they became fast friends.  Of course, the wound that Rubella had left was not completely quenched, it was definitely nourished.  Sophia lived a much more happy and blooming life with Rosy & it ended up being a very deep and long relationship which lasted their lifetime!


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