A Dinosaur Encounter

Once upon a time, in Siberia, lived some dangerous, harmful monsters known as dinosaurs.  They were of different shapes and sizes and ate different foods.  Some also had the ability to fly.  Everything was very messy in those parts where dinosaurs roamed. The most feared and vicious dinosaur was the T-rex or Tyrannosaurus rex.  He ate many of the other dinosaur species and because of him many animals were in danger.

One day a group of researchers headed towards Siberia to learn about dinosaurs.  They were not aware of the danger they were getting into.  The thought on their minds was that dinosaurs can’t be that harmful and after all they would get thousands of dollars if they actually went to the dinosaurs and wrote their findings.  So without much planning a danger escape, they headed towards the wilderness of Siberia!

After reaching the jungle, they headed towards the plant-eating dinosaurs to write their report on them.  Later, they went to the meat-eating dinosaurs, but without thinking of themselves as the prey of the T-rex.  They approached the huge monster from behind and started jotting down the information needed about the monster.  Well, you don’t want to know what happened afterwards, because as soon as they cheered over their finished task the T-rex turned on them and gobbled three of the group’s people.  That’s when the others realized their mistake of not being prepared and started running, but they were no match for the huge man-eating monster.  The T-rex chased them to a dead end and ate all the remaining researchers except one, who had somehow luckily managed to escape.

Well after the lucky researcher got home, he was psychologically affected by the scenes he saw after his researching project was done.  And about the project he had done, he got his money, but wasn’t happy over it after the events that happened.  Plus, he never really healed from his state of mind and kept shivering at the thought of it, also how his life was saved!


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