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The Beauty of It All

Even in this era

This world of evil

We r a few

That still remain so innocent

So vulnerable to those of even a lil evil

Man iss a miracle to remain

Til the end of time

The evil one has a hard time believing

Since it is such a unique rarity

N of course the one built of dirt

Will definitely misuse to any extent

They hav a live stupid toy

To manipulate or ruin crumble

Shiver me timbers!

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Cooped Up

Now it has come to understanding

That parents interfere

But it is always for the best

They r looking for ur goal

N much much more

Yet the youth can nvr understand

Certain rights r given to them

But always emphasis is on

Parental guidance

Ever stop to wonder why

Wisdom has its own rule

Without it we’d b lost dead!


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Unknown Surge

When your dreams shatter,

You feel the boost,

The energy refrained,

Or leftover from steps undone,

Sometimes people,

You depend on,

‘Leave you with,

Back up energy,

Which comes out when needed,

In times of peril,

Other people whom you rely on,

Leave you stranded,

So you have no choice,

But to get out there,

N fight for your life,

Mostly u boost up,

When u have others looking up to u,

Not think of yourself only,

The saying,

Die for,

Fits well,

In this scenario!




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The Delicate Part

A heart made of glass,

The most delicate part n element,

When it shatters,

Very hard repair,

If you say portion by portion shatters,

It’ll still mean,

The other parts have been shaken,

Only when the impact is hard,

Like that of an earthquake,

Do you u bust all glass,

Once gone,

Only a substitute can come in,

The wounds of broken glass,

Can never repair fully,

U may temporarily fit the stone,

Diamond or salt,

But permanently,

It is more vulnerable to break,

The owner the next time!




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The Scare

The horror,

Of the scene framing,

The fear of worst deeds,

The burning happening,

Inside one place,

Yet separating,

Freaky as the onlooker sees,

The victim is calm n cool,

While the heart jumps up,

He emerges out,

Doused of flame,

No mark of flames,

A normal figure,

As if the bed were possessed,

Giving many thanks,

To the Mighty One!

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Safe Haven

A small piece of land,

There to stand grand,

With no invasion from anywhere,

U c the love everywhere,

The running joys surround u,

U feel the soul inside u,

Then u feel the ache coming,

And wish for comfort,

Out of the hue,

Comes a soothing due,

Asking that u relax,

Just sink into the cool,

Feel no blues,

Everything is taken care of,

U rest with the dew!

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Not Yours

Your life isn’t your own,

Even then you need some your time,

Yet the increments of life,

Don’t give you,

The pleasure,

The choice,

The freedom,

To enjoy yourself,

You can imagine or fall,

For good times,

Then it all zeroes out,

Because violent words slash n cut,

Versus good times that melt n heal,

If only people feel n understand,

Repetitive pierces don’t occur,

The soul is so insured!